A List of Nasal Dilation Device

Snoring is not a common issue these days and one of the ways to deal with it is through the use of a nasal dilation device, below is a list that you can keep in mind:

A List of Nasal Dilation Device
  • Nozovent – this anti snoring product is a medical dilator device that helps progress breathing and avoids mouth from being dry. This device is designed using a soft flexible plastic that is clinically studied in which it helps cure or prevent snoring. The device is easy to use, just apply a small pressure on the nasal walls and you are ready to go. This product is efficient against sleep apnea, allergy, snoring, asthma and physical nasal restraints.
  • Airplus nasal strips – this product is made from tested polyethylene and special adhesive. This nasal strips gently open the nostrils allowing opening of airways making easier to breath. This product is ideal for individuals who suffer from allergy, colds, snoring and small or collapsing nostrils. There were no side effects known with this product and it has one size available good and suitable for adults.
  • Breathe right nasal strips – it is effective, easy to use and drug-free product and it provides snoring and nasal congestion relief due to colds, allergy, flu and collapse of nostrils. The strip is fixed on the external of the nose and it is self-adhesive. It keeps the nostril open during your sleep and the stuffiness of your nasal will be treated. It is available in original tan and clear.
  • Nasdil – this device is for internal use; meaning it is inserted into the nostril and it has hypo-allergenic material. The device assists breathing by decreasing resistance to the incoming air. It also broadens the nasal airways allowing better flow of air over the nose. In addition, its design is structural which adapts intra-nasal that boosts maximum stability and grip. It helps improve sleep quality and contests snoring.
  • Mega vent breathing aid – it has soft-thermoplastic material which is smooth and comfy to sensitive nasal membranes. The product stays in its position all night without adhesive, pressure and irritation. It has boiling feature where you can create your preferred shape. It helps prevent snoring during your sleep.

An Overview on Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral appliance therapy is the treatment used in obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring. It entails wearing disposable oral appliances within your mouth while you sleep. The device will fit just like an orthodontic retainer and a sports mouth guard.

The appliance stops your airways from collapsing by holding the tongue and supporting the jaw for a forward position. You should be custom fitted for the oral appliance for it to be efficient. Devices that can be bought over the counter aren’t recommended options for treating obstructive sleep apnea or snoring.

Members of the sleep team join forces to offer you with oral appliance therapies. These board certified sleep medicine physicians should diagnose obstructive sleep apnea with the use of sleep study. After being diagnosis, dental sleep medicine specialists will then fit you with the oral appliances. Such dentists should have special training in the treatment of sleep apnea.

An Overview on Oral Appliance Therapy

The most efficient treatment of sleep apnea is CPAP therapy. But a number of patients would rather have oral appliance since it is portable, small and very easy to utilize. Oral appliance therapy is quite helpful for people with lesser sleep apnea.

Kinds of Oral Appliances

There are various types of oral appliances which are capable of treating obstructive sleep apnea. Every device can differ in appearance and a majority of devices fall in two kinds:

  • Mandibular repositioning devices – these are oral appliances that reposition the lower jaw down and forward to keep it open while you’re sleeping. These devices are the most used oral devices.
  • Tongue retaining devices – such oral devices will keep your tongue in place and have your airway always open.
An Overview on Oral Appliance Therapy

Those are the oral appliances used as remedies for snoring. Depending on the cause of your snoring and the shape of your mouth, you may choose either of the two appliances.